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Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink

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Game Description

1. Green Cards -- Cut through the hard-to-swallow questions with these zesty, strategic twists in the gameplay.

2. Purple Cards -- Warning: do not play these questions unless it's very late and you've got nothing left to lose.

3. Yellow Cards -- Only good times allowed with these feel-good questions for you and your drinking buddies.

4. Blue Cards -- Chill questions for mixed company-with just enough of a bite to help you loosen up together.

5. Red Cards -- Cringeworthy, adult-themed questions that pair nicely with adult beverages. Not safe for work!


White Number of Cards: 275pcs

Black Number of Cards: 350pcs

Box Size: 13*13*6cm

Card Size: 62*87mm 

Applicable Age: Ages 18+

Players: 3-8 players

Play Time: About 30-60 minutes

Quantity: 1 box


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